Zionist Occupied Government
Zionist Occupied Government

ZOG, an acronym for Zionist Occupied Government, is a term used by many on the survivalist and racist Right to refer to the United States government or its shadow government, which they believe is secretly controlled by a rich and powerful group of international Jews intent on establishing a one-world government.

The phrase itself derives from The Turner Diaries, a 1978 novel written by William L. Pierce under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald. The novel tells the story of white Christian patriots who start a guerrilla war against the forces of ZOG after all citizens are stripped of their right to own firearms.

In their war against ZOG, white Americans assassinate government officials, blow up federal buildings, uproot and murder blacks and other minorities, and finally launch a nuclear strike that destroys Israel.

Although for some, ZOG simply refers to a conservative antigovernment attitude and a suspicion of globalism, the term is more often associated with a panoply of extreme right-wing militias like the Montana Freemen, white supremacist groups like the Posse Comitatus, and apocalyptic Christians like Randy Weaver, as a more specific name for what they believe is an international Jewish conspiracy to undermine U.S. sovereignty and true Christianity.

These groups believe that ZOG controls the media, the major international financial institutions, schools, and liberal politicians who promote affirmative-action policies, immigration, multiculturalism, gun control, abortion, and the general erosion of liberty.

Further evidence of a ZOG conspiracy is found in U.S. foreign policy toward Israel, its participation in the United Nations and other international organizations, and the apparent power of labor unions.

Some who promote the ZOG conspiracy believe that UN troops are training and gathering in various locations around the country, preparing to disarm patriotic citizens and impose martial law. The term also often connotes a Christian apocalypticism that links the global Jewish conspiracy to biblical prophecies of the Last Days, when the Antichrist institutes one-world governance just before the final battle of Armageddon.